SCUBA Diving is included at Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Posted on Mon , Apr 07, 2014

The water sports program at each of the 15 Sandals Resorts and 3 Beaches Resorts operates a National Geographic Dive Center and PADI five-star operations. The 18 resorts offer 510 spectacular dive sites throughout the Caribbean and are a part of the renowned Divers Alert Network (DAN), the most recognized dive safety organization in the world. 

These luxury all-inclusive resorts provide a safe and fun environment for SCUBA divers of all levels. 

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Example Dive:
Throne Room - The entrance is a fairly wide but low cavern, with a crack in the reef about 25ft. long and 8 ft. wide. When using the entrance you need to be really careful not to damage the coral around the opening. The walls on the inside are covered with colorful sponges. The bottom is covered with fine sediments which when disturbed will immediately reduce the visibility. Leaving the throne room, you swim through a large opening forming a window of sorts; coming into the deeper reef at 70ft. this window provides great photo opportunities. 
Skill Level: Novice
Avg Depth: 40ft
Max Depth: 70ft

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Nassau, Bahamas

Example Dive:
Shipyard - You can investigate not one, but three of the best wrecks in the Caribbean Sea at the Shipyard. This nautical graveyard is home to three freighters resting at a depth of eighty-five feet. The abandoned vessels resting in close vicinity gives the area a supernatural feel. But just when you think you are approaching a series of lifeless vessel shells, a massive school of silversides will swarm through the scene, shifting away from the pursuit of predators like the Barracuda, the African Pompano, or the Schoolmaster. These are 3 wrecks down for about 20+ years: 1 Oil Tanker and 2 Mail Boats.
Skill Level: Advanced
Avg. Depth: 90ft 

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Great Exuma, Bahamas

Example Dive:
Sandals Wall - Sharks, barracudas, stingrays, jacks, snappers, dolphins and a variety of tropical fish seen in this area. Starts at about 50ft
Skill Level: Advanced
Avg Depth: 50ft
Distance from Shore: 15 min 

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St. Lucia

Example Dive:
Virgin Cove - patches of coral and eventually more defined structures of reef. This semicircular reef/wall is a richly diverse coral reef structure displaying both hard and soft corals. Shaped like a figure "9", maximum depth is around 70 ft/21 m. There are lots of large barrel sponges, brain coral and occasionally stingrays. Schools of snappers, grunts and Atlantic spade fish as well as turtles and barracudas are frequent residents of this reef, especially at the 60 ft/70 ft level.
Skill Level: Novice
Avg Depth: 30ft
Distance from Shore: 20 min 

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Example Dive:
Mary Kay Reef - This is a very nice reef to navigate. This site is filled with an abundance of soft coral heads that brings lots of marine life, Also a spur and grove site with small ledges and undercuts. Lobsters, barracudas and lots of small fish are usually present. The occasional turtle and stingray put in an appearance.
Skill Level: Novice
Avg Depth: 45ft 

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Example Dive:
Bianca C - The Bianca C a 600 ft. cruise ship sank in 1961. A fire in the boiler room occurred just as she was anchoring in St. Georges Harbour. She, however, still makes a brilliant advanced wreck dive. No penetration is possible, but the shear size and scope alone make it exceptional. You can swim into the ships swimming pool at about 130 ft. and then continue to the bow. One often sees schools of horse eyed jacks as well as large barracuda. The occasional large shark is seen as well as large eagle rays. This wreck is flanked by Whibbles reef, which is south about 150 yards.
Skill Level: Master
Max Depth: 135ft 

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Turks and Caicos

Example Dive:
Graceland: This site has a large sand chute under the dive boat and a swim-through leading to the wall at 50ft. The wall has many buttresses and indentations with a good possibility of reef sharks swimming in the depths off the wall.
Skill Level: Novice
Max Depth: 50ft

The example dives above are just a tiny sample of what is available through the Sandals and Beaches SCUBA program. Each resort has many dive sites in the novice and advanced skill levels. And even a few advanced dives. Night dives can be scheduled at an additiona fee on most resorts. If you would like to see a more comprehensive list of dives by island, please Contact Us

Each of the resorts offers multiple levels of certification courses. For guests who are not certified divers, the Sandals Resort Program is a very popular option. If you've always wanted to experience SCUBA but never had the time it takes to get certified, Sandals can qualify you to dive at the resort in just a few hours. This PADI Discover Scuba Diver program is only $90 per person and you will be able to dive, in most cases, the same day as your program, and be able to dive throughout your stay at our Sandals Resort. 

Certified divers may enjoy acheiving an advanced certification during their stay. Multiple advanced PADI certifications are available. 

Diving in the Caribbean can cost $200+ per day just for the dive. Why not take your next dive vacation with Sandals or Beaches where up to two tanks per day are included? Dive groups with 5 or more rooms also receive incentives and discounts. 

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