Sandals Resorts Dining: Discover Unique Asian Fusion

Posted on Wed , Jul 03, 2013

Sandals Resorts Asian Restaurants

[Each Sandals Resort offers multiple restaurants, fine dining and dine anytime options. The Sandals Resorts brand includes more than 35 different signature restaurants offering Italian cuisine, British pub food, varied Asian selections, fine French cuisine, and authentic Caribbean fare as well as seaside dining. And it is all included in your Sandals vacation package. This is the fourth installment in a seven-part blog series. Find links to the rest of the series at the bottom of this entry.]

Asian cuisines are all about harmony and balance, but each different cuisine accomplishes this in its own singular way. Whether finicky or adventurous, bold or timid, hearty or healthy, there is an Asian cuisine to suit every approach to dining - and Sandals offers them all. In Thai cuisine, achieving the perfect flavor for any dish relies upon a balance of four basic tastes: sour, bitter, sweet and salty. Intricate fruit and vegetable carvings add the finishing touch to Asia's most elaborately decorated plates. Clean, natural, unspiced flavors define Asia's most healthful cuisine, Japanese.

Sandals Signature Asian Restaurants

Sandals Asian Restaurants Logos

Presented below is a couple of the Sandals Resorts signature Asian restaraunts and a few examples from the menus of each: 

Sandals Resorts Soy Sushi1 resized 600

Soy Sushi Bar (Sandals Grande Riviera, Ocho Rios, Jamaica) Tucked Away behind bamboo fronds and adorned with unique oriental décor, Sandals and Beaches Resorts brings a taste of the Far East to the Caribbean. Named after Soy Sauce, a traditional ingredient in the art of Sushi, Soy offers exciting flavors and exotic sushi creations made to order. Skillfully prepared using only the freshest and most delectable ingredients, it’s no wonder Soy is such a popular option amongst our guests. fun. 

Sandals Resorts Soy Sushi2 resized 600


Specialty Cocktails - Sake-Infused Menu


Daily Chef's Special


Miso Soup
A light soy bean broth with seaweed, tofu and spring onion


Nigiri Sushi (2pcs)

1. Ebi - Shrimp 2. Kani - Crab Meat
3. Tako - Octopus 3. Maguro - Tuna
5. Shake - Salmon 6. Unagi - Fresh Water Eel
7. Tamago - Egg Omlett  

Shushi Rolls

(all with cucumber and avocado)
1. Volcano Roll - Shrimp, Eel, Crab, three kinds of sauce
2. Dragon Roll - Shrimp tempura, Eel, Tobiko (Fish roe), two kinds of sauces
3. Rainbow Roll - Crab, Tuna, Salmon, Sesame
4. Highway Roll - Deep fried Spicy Tuna and sepcial sauce


Hand Rolls, Once Cone Shaped Piece
1. California - Crab, Avocado and Flying Fish Roe
2. Suzuki - Seabass
3. New York - Shimp and Avocado

Fried Spring Roll (2pcs)

Served with Sweet Chili Sauce


Fried Ice Cream
Served on a Pineapple Ring with Pineapple Rum Sauce

Coconut Corn Tart
Served with Caramelized Banana and Cream of Lychee in Ginger Syrup

Sandals Whitehouse Jasmines1 resized 600

Jasmines (Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica) Traveling all the way from Laos’ village of Thakket, this Asian-inspired Restaurant offers a unique culinary experience that transports you to the exotic locale of Southeast Asia. Taking elements from Thai, Malaysian, Philippine, Southern Indian & Japanese cuisine, Jasmines’ famous Pan-Asian dishes bring together a unique blend of flavors and an exotic flair that will keep you coming back for more.

Sandals Whitehouse Jasmines2 resized 600


Hot Thai Wings
Marinated spicy chicken wings and plum sauce
cole slaw

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls
Fresh shrimp with mango and cucumber in glass noodle wraps
sweet chili sauce

Wasabi Chicken Salad
Marinated grilled breast of chicken & assorted vegetables
served with wasabi dressing

Main Course

Jasmines' Signature Dish

Asian Chicken Combo Dish
Japanese BBQ Robatayaki chicken thighs, Philipino Adobo chicken legs and Thai Lemon Grass-Coconut poached chicken breast

Pad Thai Noodles
Thailand rice sticky noodles with Shrimp, carrots & scallion

Cantonese Sweet & Sour Pork
Crispy fried tember pork strips with pineapple and peppers
sweet & sour sauce


Turon in Ice Cream
Traditional Filipino Dessert
Deep fried ripe banana in spring roll style

Lychee Cheese Cake
Served with Guava-Ginger syrup

Sandals Resorts Kimonos Teppanyaki resized 600

Sandals Resorts Japanese resized 600

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