Personal Butler Service: Anticipating Your Every Need (part 1 of 3)

Posted on Mon , Jan 16, 2023

There are so many features included with your stay that set the Sandals and Beaches resorts apart from other all inclusive Caribbean vacations. Sandals refers to these as More Quality Inclusions. One of my past guests' favorite inclusions - and my personal favorite - is Sandals exclusive Personal Butler Service.

Butler 1-1

Although I have had clients give me a hesitant look when I offer a room with Personal Butler Service, I have NEVER heard anyone (my clients or others) describe their butler experience as anything but overwhelmingly positive. Almost all of my clients who select a suite with Personal Butler Service come back from their vacation and report that they plan to do it each time they return to a Sandals property. They recommend it to their friends.

So you're kind of interested, because this is something very different than you've experienced - or most of your friends and family have experienced - before. But you're skeptical. "Why would I need a butler? I'm not high maintenance. All I need is a comfortable chair by the pool/on the beach, a cool drink in my hand and a good book/my loved one by my side." Yes, and I garantee you will enjoy your perfect vacation at a Sandals resort. You will absolutely love it. But should you choose a suite with Personal Butler Service, you will come back telling me story after story of how your butler enhanced the relaxation, the luxury, and the romance of your vacation. I've seen it time and time again.

It will take me three blog entries to give you the full picture of this remarkable feature of the Sandals and Beaches resorts.

Here, let me tell you just a few of the ways your butler will enhance your time on resort.

When you arrive, you butler will have already double checked that your suite is prepared and your preferences are already in-suite. He or she will greet you as you arrive on resort and escort you to your suite where he has prepared refreshments for you, and he will conduct your private check-in in your room. There have been times that my clients arrived on resort during lunch. Their butler knew they would be hungry and he escorted them first to lunch, then returned to take them to their suite for check-in.

Each morning, your butler will serve you breakfast on your patio/balcony or in your room if you like. I encourage my clients booking a suite with Personal Butler Service to choose a room on the ground floor. This way, your butler can set up your breakfast table without disturbing you. Once you are up and enjoying your view, he will serve your coffee and breakfast.

Butler 1



During your stay, your butler will make all restaurant and tour reservations for you. Most Sandals properties have one or two very popular restaurants with limited seating that require reservations for dinner. When you arrive, your butler will have already secured reservations at each of these for you. Of course, should you wish to change which night or time you dine, he will see that your reservations are changed. Each night, he will come escort you to your table in your chosen restaurant. And you will receive premium seating with the most beautiful view and romantic atmosphere.

Personal Butler Service

Let me give you a personal example of how your butler will enhance your vacation. Your butler will give you a cell phone so that you can call his phone any time you need somthing. My husband and I were in the pool one day and met another couple that was raving about a catamaran tour they had been on the previous day. We decided we should try it while we were there as well. Normally, I would have gotten out of the pool, dried off, put on a cover-up and shoes, walked to the tour desk, stood in line, and made a reservation for our tour. Then, I probably wouldn't have wanted to get wet again and would have considered not returning to the pool. But I had a butler on this trip. So I grabbed my butler phone, called the only number saved in the phone, and my butler answered, "Jerry the butler!" in a tone that requires a smile. I told him which tour we'd like to try, and he said, "It is done." A few minutes later, he appeared at the pool to confirm our departure time for the tour the next day... and brought my husband and I a refill on our favorite drinks.

Beach 3




Our tour the next day took us off property for the whole afternoon and evening, and it included dinner. When we got back, our butler was waiting for us as the catamaran pulled up to the beach. He carried my bag and asked how our time was as he escorted us back to our suite. Then he left us at the door and said his goodnight. When we walked in, he had drawn a bubble bath, lit candles, and sprinkled rose pelals all over the bathroom. There was champagne icing in a bucket by the bath. He knew we would want to relax when we returned...

Personal Butler Service

I sell Sandals Personal Butler Service to my clients whenever possible because it is an unimaginably supreme standard of service and luxury, where your every need is anticipated.

Look for Part 2 of this series on Sandals Personal Butler service - an interview with a recent guest who chose a suite with a butler at Sandals La Toc.

Or, if you already know your next vacation should include Personal Butler Service,

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When (and why) to use a Travel Agent

Posted on Sun , Jan 08, 2023

The Internet is not always your best option when it comes to booking your vacation. Find out when to call a travel agent... and why to call me. 

This could seem like a shameless plug, but rest assured, your level of knowledge on this topic is mutually beneficial to you and to me. In the age of doing everything online, there are times when working with a travel agent can save you money, time, stress and drama. 

Use a Travel Agent when the stakes are high

sandals-royal-caribbean-overwater-villa-steps-900x500Whether you are planning your honeymoon, a big anniversary trip, renewal of vows, or really any trip that you consider to be a significant financial investment, working with a professional can give you peace of mind. The Sand Lady is a division of Royal Travel, a full-service travel agency. We have been a family-owned, family-run, local business in Maryville, TN for over 20 years. Our name IS our business. Each of our agents is highly motivated to provide exceptional customer service. "My goal with every client, no matter the type of travel or size of package, is for you to return from your trip so excited and impressed that you tell all of your friends to call me," says The Sand Lady Robbie. The Sand Lady consistently receives excellent client reviews. There is never any cost to you for our services. This is not true of all travel agencies. The resorts train me and compensate me for the service I provide, and we guarantee you will not find a better price on a Sandals or Beaches Resorts package.

Use a Travel Agent when you are unfamiliar with the destination

Adventure Travel resized 600We spend weeks every year visiting the properties and destinations that we sell. I only recommend resorts that I have personally visited, and I maintain a personal relationship with the staff on resort. I expect that my clients will be treated as VIPs. I have stayed in or walked through the rooms I book. I have eaten in the restaurants, and I'll share with you my favorite drink from the bar. Since there is no cost to you to use my expertise, why wouldn't you let me customize your vacation and handle all of the details for you?

Use a Travel Agent when you are traveling with a group

Caribbean Scuba Travel resized 600I specialize in family reunions, golf groups and destination wedding groups, but I'll plan a trip for any type of group. I will do as much of the organizing as you let me do. First, I work with you to determine the destination and travel dates. Then you can invite the group, give them my contact information, and I will take care of customizing each individual's travel details. Many times, if the group is more than 5 rooms, I can get the group leader special perks or discounts.

If you do get in a bind, you have a well-connected friend.

In life, sometimes things don't go as planned! In the past 6 months, I have worked with my client's resort to extend their honeymoon at the last minute and no charge to them when their airline stranded them in Miami for 2 days. I have fixed problems with reservations that clients booked themselves online before calling me. (Although I love playing the hero, save yourself the tears and just let me book it the first time around!) 

SPAI have also advised countess clients when changing their travel dates by 1-2 days or "upgrading" their room to a nicer category would actually save them hundreds of dollars. I look at the promotions available on a daily (ok, hourly) basis, and I know how to combine promotions to get you the best deal. 

 You don't need a Travel Agent if:

  • You are only booking a flight - When you are headed to a friend's wedding or visiting your grandmother and all you need to purchase is your flights, it is generally just as simple and about the same price to book it yourself.

  • You want to use your miles - The airlines and credit card companies will not allow me to redeem your rewards for you. "If you are booking a package such as an all inclusive getaway in the Caribbean, while I can include flights with your package, if you prefer to use your miles to book flights, I can advise you on schedules and you can book the flights separately. Just let me know about your needs," says The Sand Lady Carlie.

  • You are using a timeshare - Timeshare companies manage their own timeshares. Travel agents do not book timeshares. Our agency generally does not book private home rentals except for a few very special properties in the Caribbean. 

  • You are dead-set on a super cheap 3-4 night cruise with a discount cruise line - You know which one I'm talking about. I'm not saying don't call me if you're considering this option. I talk to at least one person every week who doesn't realize the costs involved with cruising outside of the upfront advertised price. Most of them end up booking an all-inclusive resort with me, and they come back thanking me!

CuracaoThe bottom line is, no matter what type of travel you are planning, you want your trip to be as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Using a travel agent may be the key. Since there is no cost to you for my service, I can't think of a reason why you wouldn't let me handle it for you!

If you are planning a honeymoon, love to hear from you!

If you're ready to get started, click below to contact me!

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About Us | Awards, Media, Press

Posted on Mon , Jan 02, 2023


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Sandals Resorts Chairman Elite

Posted on Sat , Dec 31, 2022

We are Certified Sandals Specialist and Sandals Resorts Chairman's Royal Club
The Sand Lady from Royal Travel is honored to be recognized as the top travel consultant in the world! 
It all started in December 2011 when The Founder Gordon "Butch" Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resorts,  unveiled a new program, the "Chairman’s Royal Club". You do yourself a big favor when you book your vacation with a Chairman's Royal Club member, says Mr. Stewart.
Very few travel consultants are invited into the Chairman’s Royal Club (around 100 worldwide).  You set yourself apart from all other guests when you book your Sandals vacation with me because of my Chairman's Royal Club status.
Our agency owner, Carlie Finch received the Outstanding Sales Achievement award for destination weddings as well. 
This is an elite group of top Sandals agents who are knowledgeable of the Sandals Resorts brand. Sandals notes: This elite status provides agents the opportunity to offer the best service possible to consumers in their area, and travelers who book with a CRC agent will have access to the most prominent deals and up-to-date information on the resort properties. 
Chairman logo
The Sand Lady team believes that vacations are memories in the making. You don’t get a second chance to celebrate the perfect honeymoon or family reunion. We are committed to excellence in knowledge of the Sandals and Beaches resorts and excellence in customer service. Our goal is for you to return from your vacation and tell everyone you know why they need to call The Sand Lady when they’re ready to plan their next vacation. 
Photo above; Sandals Management at the Sandals Royal Curacao 
Photo Above; Carlie Finch and Clint Finch at Sandals Royal Curacao.
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New Beginnings | Greater Things to Come

Posted on Fri , Dec 30, 2022

Carlie Finch Sand Lady

We are thrilled to announce some very exciting news for our business, and for the travel industry! 2 Travel Anywhere LLC. has completed its acquisition of an amazing travel agency, Royal Travel. Royal Travel is an established travel company with almost 30 years of experience, that was built and developed by a passionate family. Royal Travel’s incredible footprint on the industry is one of the reasons that we wanted to acquire the business and continue building on their legacy.


2 Travel Anywhere LLC, has been in the travel industry for over a decade and continues to distinguish and enhance the portfolio and services to our customers. By acquiring this agency, we will be able to grow and expand our specializations, as well as connect with a wide-range of clients looking for full-service travel experts.

Our intention to broaden our business platform will only benefit our clientele and we cannot wait for this next chapter. Please stay tuned as we forge ahead on this new path and continue to develop 2 Travel Anywhere’s a business platform. Our success is the success of customer experience, and we only plan on enriching this. Thank you to Royal Travel for letting us be a part of such a wonderful history, as well as for helping us create an impactful legacy of our own.

We hope to share more exciting news with you in the future.

All the Best,

Carlie Finch & Team



Carlie Finch

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Sandals Regency La Toc, St. Lucia

Posted on Mon , Nov 07, 2022

Sandals Regency La Toc St Lucia Map resized 600

Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia is one of the more sophisticated of the 15 Sandals Resorts. I love this resort for the food and the bluff views. Check out this video about the resort and then read on for more detail.

St. Lucia is a very lush and tropical island in the Eastern Caribbean. England and France fought for nearly two hundred years over beautiful St. Lucia. This dazzling Caribbean wonderland is a fountain of natural treasures - the fiery passions of an ancient volcano, the richness of a national rainforest, and the soothing waters of the glistening bay and sea.

Sandals Regency La Toc St Lucia relative mapThe island of St. Lucia has two airports. The larger Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) is approximately 90 minute drive from the three Sandals Resorts.  The smaller George F. Charles Airport (SLU) is approximately 10-30 minute drive to the Sandals Resorts. Most clients fly into the larger, International airport. So climb aboard your air-conditioned bus and enjoy views of the island from your included round trip transfer.

St. Lucia - Hewanorra Airport

Sandals Resorts boasts an exclusive Arrivals Lounge at the Hewanorra Airport in St. Lucia.  The lounge has interior seating for 50 guests. Guests are welcomed into the spacious (1,800 sq. ft.), comfortable, air-conditioned Lounge after clearing Immigration and Customs, where they are offered a choice of rum punch, water, coffee tea and fruit punch.  There are also bathroom facilities and guests can relax in the Lounge by watching one of two 50” flat screen televisions while waiting for their bus transfer.  

   Sandals Arrival Lounge St Lucia  Sandals Arrival Lounge St Lucia 2

The stately palms that grace the mile-long entrance into the legendary La Toc Estate is the awe-inspiring prelude to your Saint Lucia vacation at the Caribbean's Most Glamorous Resort. Sandals Regency La Toc is recognized as the most sparkling jewel in the islands. The "Emerald of the Caribbean" glitters invitingly along the half-mile crescent shaped beach, cradling exotic coral bluffs, lush hillsides, and rolling fairways. This magnificent 210-acre estate features the  Sunset Bluff Village, a resort within the resort, flaunting breathtaking vistas from bluff-top villas with private intimate pools. Indulge in Five-Star Diamond French cuisine and other tantalizing cuisine from around the world at nine spectacular restaurants. Nestled in one of the most historic parts of Castries, Sandals Regency LaToc Golf Resort & Spa is a highly luxurious resort filled with adventure, romance and relaxation.

Sandals La Toc St Lucia beach resized 600

Sandals La Toc St Lucia bluff pool resized 600

Sandals La Toc St Lucia Fire Pit bluff resized 600

Why Choose this Resort?

If you like to be immersed in glamour in a setting that is as posh as a paradise movie set, you will love Sandals La Toc for your St. Lucia golf and spa vacation

Sandals La Toc St Lucia honeymoon suite sunset bluff resized 600

Sandals La Toc St Lucia fine dining resized 600

Resort Highlights

  • The epitome of luxury, the elevated Sunset Bluff Millionaire Butler Suites with Private Pool Sanctuary come with 180 degree views, rotating 46” plasma TV’s, a private Whirlpool and Infinity Pool and fully opened glass walls offering serenity bedroom views
  • Exquisite Honeymoon suites with private plunge pools
  • 9 hole golf course, which offers complimentary green fees
  • Three magnificent freshwater pools, fifty-five suites with private plunge pools and four Whirlpools.
  • Free WiFi for all guests occupying Club Sandals or higher categories of accommodation.
  • 23 Dining options with the Stay at one play at three exchange privileges
  • A magnificent Red Lane Signature Spa (spa services are at an additional cost)
  • Full exchange privileges with the nearby Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort and the Sandals Grande St. Lucian Beach Resort & Spa, which are approximately a 15-25 minute drive away. Complimentary transportation between these three Sandals resorts is provided.

Room Features

All rooms include Air conditioning, king-size bed, mini refrigerator stocked with bottled water, soda and juices, extra-large amenity kit, hair dryer, telephone, safety deposit box, private bath & shower, iPod clock radio, Cable T.V., tea & coffee maker, iron & ironing board.

Sandals La Toc St Lucia suite with private pool resized 600

Sandals Exclusive Personal Butler Service

Your wish is our command. With the uncompromising attention of a personal butler trained to the highest standards by the elite Guild of Professional English Butlers, you will be pampered throughout your stay in extraordinary ways. From unpacking and packing your luggage, attending to your wardrobe, serving a glorious breakfast on your terrace, and many more surprises, a Sandals Suite complete with your own personal butler, is the ultimate indulgence. More on Personal Butler Service here.


Sandals La Toc St Lucia honeymoon suite private pool resized 600

The Golf Club at Sandals La Toc

Masters of the game and beginners as well will thrill to the lush landscape of La Toc's challenging golf course. Rolling hills and majestic fairways inspire performance at all levels, and complimentary green fees invite repeat plays at leisure. Short but sweet…this 3,300-yard course challenges you to sharpen your club-selection skills, and several holes demand laser-like accuracy to chart their tunnel-tight layout. On the 8th hole's par-3 downhill, for example, a mere fade or draw could land you in a jungle of white cedars, almond trees and bamboo.

Sandals La Toc St Lucia golf course

More on this Destination

Visa & Passport Requirements
All travelers will require a valid passport. No visa requirements when traveling an a passport issues by the United State. Please check for any other necessary visa or documentation requirements.

Average Temperatures
Caribbean temperatures are warm year-round. Daytime average: 82°F, 28°C. Nighttime average: 72°F, 22°C.

Dress Code
Resort casual by day, resort elegant by night. So while the sun is up, your shorts, tank tops, swim suits, short-sleeved shirts, sundresses and light slacks are the perfect attire. As the sun sets and you set out to enjoy the evening, proper attire is required (although elegant dress shorts are permitted in some restaurants).

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe deposit boxes are included in every room. Guests with jewelry and/or cash are advised to store all valuables in safe deposit boxes as Sandals cannot be held responsible

WI-FI Coverage and Internet Access
Most public areas of the resort offer wireless Internet access. So do many of the rooms. All guest rooms are wired with an in-room Ethernet jack for Internet access. Simply connect to the network and charge the service to your room. 

Scuba Diving
Top-of-the-line equipment for scuba diving is included for certified divers; however, you're welcome to bring your own. You must remember your diver certification cards to enjoy full diving privileges. If you have any contra-indications to diving you must have a doctor complete and sign the physician section on the medical questionnaire form before you will be allowed to dive at any of our resorts.

Late Departures
If your plane leaves in the afternoon or is delayed, you're welcome to enjoy the amenities at Sandals Regency La Toc St. Lucia. 

Tips and Gratuities
Tips and gratuities are strictly prohibited for all staff except personal Butlers & Spa Therapists. In the event you wish to tip your Butler or Spa Therapist, it will be greatly appreciated but under no circumstance will a tip be required or solicited.

Private Car Service
Private Car service from St. Lucia’s Hewanorra Airport to Sandals La Toc is available at an additional cost. Just ask me!

See more blog articles about Sandals La Toc

Or click below to request a complimentary vacation consultation with The Sand Lady:

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Personal Butler Service: Anticipating Your Every Need (part 2 of 3)

Posted on Mon , Dec 14, 2020

Sandals Personal Butler Service is the ultimate experience in service and luxury. But don't just take it from the travel agent! To help you understand the benefits of choosing a suite with butler service, I've interviewed Janet, a recent guest of The Sandals Lady who chose a butler suite at Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia.

download (13)

Janet and Michael's very special butler suite was on the bluff side of the resort. You can also see the beach side of this beautiful resort in the background above.

How did Sandals La Toc compare to other resorts at which you have stayed?  
The entire facility was beautiful.  Everything was spotlessly clean, and they were improving things (painting, etc.) that I couldn't tell needed to be improved!  We've never stayed in an all inclusive resort before, but I can't imagine anything being any nicer.  Everyone, and I mean literally everyone, was incredibly friendly and helpful.  They seem to have thought of everything.

What was your favorite feature of Sandals La Toc?
We loved our suite and the view from our balcony, and we loved having the butlers.  I wouldn't want to give up either of those!

Sandals La Toc
Why did you choose a room with Personal Butler Service?
That was based on Robbie's recommendation.  I'm not sure we would have chosen to do that if she hadn't given us a good idea of what it would be like.  My initial reaction to hearing about it was something along the lines of, "Oh, we'd be embarrassed to ask for things, and I don't think we'll really use their services."  She assured us, by giving us examples of what the service was like, that we would be comfortable with it, and she was right.
What was your Butler's name?
Our butlers were Tana and Gilbert, and they were both great.

Sandals Personal Butler Service Sandals Personal Butler Service

What preparations did your Butler make on your behalf before your arrival?
When we arrived, we already had reservations for several restaurants.  We had a fully stocked bar, along with chilled wine and champagne, waiting in the room.  We also had a small cheese tray from Sandals, and a fruit plate from The Sandals Lady.  Tana spent a good bit of time with us, filling us in on all the amenities of the resort, and all the services she and Gilbert would provide while we were there.  
Did your Butler greet you when you arrived?
Yes.  We used a private car from the airport, and our driver mistakenly took us to the regular check-in lobby, rather than the butler check-in.  The minute they opened the trunk and saw the special tags on our luggage, they whisked us back into the car, assuring us, to quote the bellman, that "we were on our way to heaven".  This allowed us to see another advantage of butler service.  At the regular check-in, we would have been behind several couples who were unloading from a van that had pulled in just ahead of us.  At the butler check-in, there was no one ahead of us, and we barely had time to take a sip of the rum punch they gave us before we were on our way to our suite.  Tana was there to take us to our room, spend some time with us, and then she went back down and brought our luggage up to the suite.
How did your Butler make your time on resort more relaxing or romantic?
It was wonderful having our chairs reserved for us every day at the pool.  After the first day, we even told them where we would like to be, and they were right there.  They reserved them with towels (sometimes shaped like swans) and our room number in flowers.  They made dining reservations for us, and they brought us drinks and snacks at the pool, regardless of whether or not we asked for them.  They had chilled champagne in our room every night, and twice we came in after dinner to enormous bubble baths.  Most evenings we even had flower petals in various designs on the bed!  They also made sure we didn't miss some of the special occasions at the resort.  For example, we would have missed the Chocolate Buffet if they hadn't told us about it, and that would have been a shame!
What did you enjoy most about having a Butler?
May I say that we liked everything about having a butler?
Would you recommend a room with Personal Butler Service to others?
Absolutely!  In our opinion, it is essential - we would not consider going without it.
Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience at Sandals La Toc?
I do have one further example of how really special our butler service was:  one evening, after a day at the beach and pool, we came back to the room and I went straight to sleep.  We had reservations that evening for Pitons, which was one of our favorite restaurants at the resort, and we were looking forward to going there again.  As the time for our reservation drew closer, Michael called Gilbert and told him we would need to cancel the reservation, and would just have to have room service for dinner.  Gilbert brought us menus from PItons, took our order, and delivered the full meal to our suite for us.  It would never have occurred to us to ask him to do this, and we thought this was far above and beyond the call of duty.
Beyond that, I will add that for a relaxing, renewing vacation, Sandals La Toc was an absolutely wonderful choice.  It would be nice to try some of the other Sandals resorts, but we might not be able to take that chance!

Sandals La Toc Sandals La Toc

Above: Janet and Michael at their favorite restaurant on Sandals La Toc, The Pitons; and a sunset view from their suite.

Summarize your vacation in 3 words.
Hard to do, but relaxing, renewing, and luxurious are what come to mind.

Thank you, Janet and Michael for sharing your vacation with us! Look for Part 3 of our series on Sandals Personal Butler Service. You deserve it!

Make sure you didn't miss Part 1 of this series!

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The Sand Lady Named Top Sandals Agency 2019

Posted on Tue , Dec 10, 2019


Sandals Resorts International, voted World’s Leading All-Inclusive Company for 24 consecutive years, has recognized The Sand Lady from Royal Travel for outstanding achievement at the 18th annual Sandals Travel Agency Recognition (S.T.A.R) Awards held December 9th at Beaches Turks and Caicos resort.

This prestigious event honoring travel agencies from across the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Latin America awards top travel agencies for not only their exemplary sales performance and marketing expertise but for their commitment to using their extensive product knowledge of the world’s best Luxury Included® resorts in creating dream vacations for their clients.

The Sand Lady from Royal Travel’s awards included:

  • Top Sandals Agency - USA
  • Top 10 Travel Agencies - Worldwide
  • Top Butler Elite Agency - USA
  • Top Club Sandals Agency - USA
  • Best of the Best Agency

Several of The Sand Lady’s agents received individual recognition for their sincere commitment to and knowledge of the Sandals Resorts brand. As a result of their hard work and dedication to the resort brand throughout the years, Chairman’s Royal Club members have proved themselves to be among the best Sandals agents with this notable invitation. The Sand Lady agents who have the distinct honor of being invited into this elite Chairman’s Royal Club for 2020 include:

  • Robbie Phillips - 9th consecutive year
  • Tara Meadows - 4th consecutive year
  • Leslie Haden

Whether planning a destination wedding, honeymoon, romantic getaway or a family vacation The Sand Lady has all the latest information on features and amenities at Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Our services are offered at no additional cost to you. The resorts pay us, so you don’t have to.

The Sand Lady specializes in destination weddings, honeymoons, family vacations, and getaways. If you have any questions about the Sandals or Beaches resorts or of you would like to speak with one of our agents about planning your trip, please click below to contact us:

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The Sand Lady Named Top 10 Agency by Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Posted on Fri , Aug 26, 2016

Each December Sandals Resorts celebrates their relationship with travel agents. The 14th annual Sandals Travel Agency Recognition (STAR) awards was held on December 4th at Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. 
A total of 450 travel agents, guests, VIPs and media from North America, U.K., Canada and Latin America traveled to Jamaica’s south coat where Sandals recognized this long standing relationship and yearly achievements. 
The Sand Lady from Royal Travel was honored to be recognized in multiple categories this year. Most notably, The Sand Lady was named to the list of Worldwide Top Ten Travel Agencies. 
Our agency manager, Robbie Phillips received the Outstanding Sales Achievement award for destination weddings. The Chairman of Sandals Resorts also presented Robbie with the Chairman’s Award, which is given each year to one agent in the US who consistently embodies and represents the Sandals brand.
“We value the hard work of travel agents like Robbie, and take the opportunity to commend them as they are essential in bringing the Sandals Resorts’ and Beaches Resorts’ vacation experiences to life for their clients,” said Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Chairman of Sandals Resort International. “Robbie is an extension of our Sandals Resorts family and because of her dedication in exceeding customer expectations, we are able to provide guests with the vacation of their dreams and the experience of a lifetime.”
Chairmans_Royal_Club.jpgSeveral agents from The Sand Lady team were named to the 2016 Chairman’s Royal Club. This is an elite group of top Sandals agents who have exhibited sincere commitment to and knowledge of the Sandals Resorts brand. Sandals notes: This elite status provides agents the opportunity to offer the best service possible to consumers in their area, and travelers who book with a CRC agent will have access to the most prominent deals and up-to-date information on the resort properties. 

Robbie Phillips joins the Chairman’s Royal Club for the 5th consecutive year. Kali Hanson celebrates her 3rd consecutive year as a CRC agent. And Ruth Ann Hutchison was also invited to join the 2016 Chairman’s Royal Club. 
The Sand Lady team believes that vacations are memories in the making. You don’t get a second chance to celebrate the perfect honeymoon or family reunion. We are committed to excellence in knowledge of the Sandals and Beaches resorts and excellence in customer service. Our goal is for you to return from your vacation and tell everyone you know why they need to call The Sand Lady when they’re ready to plan their next vacation. 
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My Special Delivery for Sandals Whitehouse

Posted on Fri , Dec 11, 2015

I have been blessed with the most amazing clients over the years. A couple years ago I got to plan a very special Sandals vacation for a local barber. He loved Sandals Whitehouse so much that for months afterwards, men walked into our agency on a weekly basis with fresh haircuts asking about a Sandals vacation. 
One of those men was Don. He and his wife Sue were new to the area and had not ever vacationed at an all inclusive resort. The barber sat Don down in his chair and handed him his phone so that he could look over his vacation photos while he told him all about it. I think we booked Don and Sue for their first  trip to Sandals Whitehouse that same day. 
During their first visit to Whitehouse, Don and Sue enjoyed people watching from the patio area of Cafe de Paris - Sandals coffee house and pastry shop. Don and Sue don’t drink. But they love the social atmosphere of an adults-only all inclusive resort. They appreciate the personalized service that Sandals offers. That week they also made friends with a very special employee named Odane in the gift shop. 
Don and Sue were hooked. They visited two more Sandals properties within just over a year. For their fourth Sandals trip, they decided to return to Sandals Whitehouse. Upon arriving in Whitehouse, they found that Odane had been promoted to the on-resort jewelry store. They learned how he was a self-taught musician, and he plays bass in the Mento band with his dad. The band performs twice per week on resort for the guests during dinner time. Don and Sue were highly impressed with his musical ability. After his shift one day he stopped in at his church to record himself playing the piano because they wanted to hear more of his music. During their conversations, Odane mentioned that he would like to learn to play the saxophone. 
When they arrived home, Don and Sue decided to buy a saxophone for Odane. They came to my office to ask about shipping it to Jamaica. I knew this would not be an option as customs can be very complicated, and my first inclination was to tell them they’d just have to book a trip back to Whitehouse! Then I remembered that I would be headed to that resort for the annual Sandals Travel Agents Recognition awards shortly. So I offered to take the saxophone to Odane on their behalf. I am so glad I did. 
Don and Sue recorded a heartfelt message for their friend:
... and I headed off to sunny Jamaica, saxophone in hand. 
When we arrived on resort for the STAR awards, our agenda was jam packed. We missed our first opportunity to meet with Odane while he was working. When we asked about his schedule we found he would not be at work again before our short trip ended. But his manager called him, and he graciously offered to come meet us on his day off. 
I immediately knew why Don and Sue had come to love Odane. He is a kind, gracious, appreciative young man. He is the epitome of the Jamaican culture - perpetually happy with a magnetic smile. I tell clients all the time that Jamaicans are the happiest people in the world. 
So we showed Odane the message from Don and Sue:
Then we gave him the saxophone:
He was speechless. And overwhelmed with gratitude. 
What a special moment. I am so thankful to have been able to make this special delivery to Whitehouse. I told him to let me know once he learned to play his saxophone - clearly, it won’t take long! I can’t wait to book him as the saxophone player for my destination weddings in Whitehouse!! But even more so, I’m so happy to have another Jamaican friend. 
Here’s to you, Odane! Merry Christmas, friend. And to Don and Sue, thank you for your kindness and for allowing me to be part of this special moment.

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